Video Captures Art in Action as St Mary’s Park Community and Limerick Regeneration Deliver Handball Alley Mural

Children from St. Mary’s National School and other members of the community in St. Mary’s Park show off their artistic flair in a new video documenting the painting of a mural on the St. Mary’s Park handball alley.

The project, completed earlier this year, was designed and co-ordinated by artist Lulu Keeley and funded by Limerick City and County Council’s Regeneration Directorate. Artists Garreth Cash, Rachel Maloney and local rapper Hazey Hayes helped to deliver the project.

Members of the Limerick Youth Service also helped paint the mural as part of a community day. The sun was shining and there were smiles all around as the community helped breathe life onto the walls of the ball alley, which overlooks the river Shannon, from the northern part of St. Mary’s Park.

Those involved helped choose images reflective of the local environment, including horses, fish, flowers and there was plenty of colour thanks to children‘s art work from the school now featuring on the mural. The painting also features a depiction of nearby King John’s Castle.

Artist Lulu Keeley explained:

“We visited the primary school, local children drew us pictures and held meetings in the community centre so we could try to understand what St. Mary’s meant to the community there.

“Including as many people as possible, we did our best to engage with the local children and adults to create a meaningful art piece for them and also facilitate a day for them to also paint. Locals visited us throughout the project and continued to visit us even after the community painting day. I feel that as artists we must be respectful in communities that often feel forgotten about and make sure to communicate and engage with people to create something meaningful and beautiful” she added.

“This mural will last for many, many years and hopefully the memories from the painting day will last for a long time too."

The video captures the community day as young and young-at-heart work side by side to deliver the project for the community of St. Marys Park. 

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