Tidy Towns Adjudicators visiting across Limerick in the coming weeks

  • Athea - National Tidy Towns Competition

Tidy Towns groups across Limerick are being alerted that the competition’s adjudicators will be visiting towns and villages across the county during the month of June.

Initial judging will take place over the next few weeks, while the second round adjudications for the lucky few will happen in July.

To help with what could be the best ever results for Limerick in the Tidy Towns competition, the Mayor of the City and County of Limerick Cllr Daniel Butler has encouraged every person to do their bit and help out.

Mayor Daniel Butler said: “It takes a massive effort and commitment to do well in Tidy Towns so I would ask that everyone would do their best to assist groups in every way they can but particularly by being responsible for their own litter by putting their litter in a bin or bringing their litter home with them.

“This is your chance to support Limerick in the National Tidy Towns Competitions. Everyone wants to see groups move up through the ranks of the National Tidy Towns competition and we can help them in their task.”

A total of 48 groups across Limerick are registered for the National Tidy Towns competition for 2022.

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