Statement regarding the Limerick Bike Share Scheme

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Any correspondence that Limerick City and County Council has on the city’s Bike Share Scheme is directed to the appropriate office - the National Transport Authority, which oversees the scheme and not the Department of Tourism, Transport and Sport.

Limerick City and County Council has regular meetings with the NTA regarding sustainable transport initiatives in Limerick including the Bike Share Scheme where we seek updates on any proposed changes and improvements, as well as inform the NTA on decisions made by councillors.

Delays in proceeding with the proposed upgrades to the existing bike infrastructure and extending the scheme have unfortunately arose due to problems in the provision of parts, which have been out of the control of the local authority. This has not just been a matter for Limerick.

Limerick City and County Council has been assured that these issues have now been resolved and that docking stations including at King John’s Castle, Colbert Station, High Road and LIT will be operational this year.

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