Open Call For Use Of Limerick Artists' Studios

The Limerick Arts Office has announced an open call to recognised artists to apply for the use of two Artists' Studios in Limerick.

The call for applications relates to licensed use of studio units at James Street in Limerick City and in Cappamore.

Limerick Arts Officer, Sheila Deegan said the purpose of the scheme is to "support artistic vibrancy in the local community and provide vital support to artists in developing their career."

Commenting on the invitation of applications from artists wishing to take up residency at the Studios, Ms. Deegan stated: "Interested artists can submit their applications up until 5pm on June 17th with a current CV, application form, a typed cover letter including the proposed use of the studio or gallery/workshop space and accompanying documentation. We ask Artists intending to apply to both studio opportunities to complete and submit two separate applications are required, as the marking criteria are specific.”

The announcement has been welcomed by Limerick's vibrant community of artists.

Gavin Hogg, artist at the Artists Studios, James’ Street, whose major solo exhibition, Shadow Light opened at LCGA on Thursday night, said: "My studio is invaluable to me as a secure place to work and it is central to the quality of my practice as an artist."

Limerick Artist, Eric O'Neill


Eric O'Neill, an artist blacksmith of Killuragh Kraftworks at the Cappamore Arts Studios commented: "I use my space as a clean room for the conception of ideas, calculating the mechanics and stock calculations of the piece. I have found the separation of the thought process from being physically in the forge of great benefit. It offers me quiet time for reflection and evaluation of the direction my work is going. The space also allows me a clean space for finishing and photographing my work or a work in progress. To date I have found the use of the space along with the opening hours hugely beneficial."

Declan Casey, artist at the Cappamore Arts Studios added: "For me the studio space is ideal. It is a haven from non-art related duties and from distractions. The size of the space is very generous with a good layout. Having other artists in the adjoining studios offers an opportunity to discuss my work and theirs and to exchange ideas. The more time I spend in the studio the more delighted I am with it."

Applications should be made on or before 5pm on Wednesday 17th June 2015 to the Limerick Arts Office, Limerick City & County Council, Merchant’s Quay, Limerick, or by email to

Further information from (061) 407421.

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