New Limerick Transport Strategy to Begin

  • Limerick City and County Council

Limerick City and County Council in partnership with The National Transport Authority is commencing the process of developing a new Limerick Transport Strategy (LTS).

The purpose of this is to deliver an integrated Transport Strategy for the Limerick City region and to promote and encourage sustainable transport.

The LTS will set out a series of actions and measures, covering infrastructural, operational and policy elements to be implemented in Limerick over the next 20 years and will outline a framework to deliver the projects in a phased manner.

This strategy will take account of current and predicted population, the new National Planning Framework – Ireland 2040, national transport policies, existing plans and strategies in the region, existing transport assets and opportunities.

It will consider all transportation modes including walking, cycling, buses, coaches, Bus Rapid Transit Systems (BRTS), light rail, heavy rail, car sharing and private cars in developing a comprehensive transport strategy for the Limerick City region.

It is envisaged that expert transport advisers will be appointed by the end of 2017 with work on the strategy beginning in early 2018.

There will be a comprehensive public consultation process as part of the development of the LTS.

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