Mayor welcomes establishment of Limerick United

The Mayor of the City and County of Limerick, Cllr Michael Sheahan, has welcomed the establishment of Limerick United and, in particular, its focus on developing an academy first.

Welcoming today’s announcement, Mayor Sheahan said: “Sport is not just an afterthought in Limerick; it plays a central role in our lives here. Football is among the most participated-in sports in the city and has a rich tradition here. We would feel in Limerick that, not least because of our great tradition in sport, we should be at the top table in football in Ireland and I welcome this move to get us back there.

“I’m particularly pleased with the way the club is going about it. You have to start with the young. In any sport or organisation, you must have a huge focus on youth as they are the future. If you just live in the now, you won’t be long running out of road.

“So, to that end, I am really pleased that they are starting where they are. I know that the right structures are going to be put in place, that the build will be careful and not rushed and that because of that and the people involved, I have every confidence that Limerick will be back at that top table in due course and will be there to stay.

“I wish everyone involved success and look forward to supporting Limerick United on and off the terrace, in whatever way I can as Mayor and beyond then.”

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