Mayor of Limerick to discuss honouring Limerick’s newest sporting heroes

  • Limerick City and County Council

The Mayor of the city and county of Limerick is congratulating Roisin Upton and the entire Irish Women’s Hockey Team on their fantastic silver medal in the World Cup and Aaron Tier and the Irish Cerebral Palsy football team who have claimed a bronze medal at the European Championships.

Mayor James Collins said: “Limerick woman Roisin Upton and the entire women’s hockey team have enthralled and entertained the Irish and world sporting public of the past few weeks as they have continued their incredible journey to the World Cup final.”

“Never before has an Irish team reached such heights. Their grit and determination, along with their team work and never say die attitude is a credit to the team and its management.”

“One of the stars of the team is Limerick woman Roisin Upton, the former student of the Model School and Crescent College Comprehensive, who has become one of the stars of the sport worldwide.”

“We are all very proud of her achievements and everyone involved in hockey in Limerick is delighted with her and her teammates success.”

“On the soccer pitch Aaron Tier has proven that he has the ability to play at the highest international level. From being selected for the Irish Paralympic Soccer Team in Rio to now scoring one of the two goals to beat hosts the Netherlands to the bronze medal at the IFCPF European Championships.”

“Aaron, who suffers from cerebral palsy, is an inspiration to those who may have physical or mental obstacles to overcome in the pursuit of their dreams. Aaron has faced his challenges head on and is now reaping the rewards of his hard work and dedication.”

“I am going to discuss with Limerick City and County Council the best way to acknowledge and honour these and other Limerick sporting heroes.”

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