Limerick City and County Council supports initiative preventing single-use plastic litter

  • Limerick City and County Council
Michelle Normile & Melanie Lennon, Absolute Hotel, Nadia Collins-Sakni, Amy English, Limerick City and County Council, Tony & Niall Deegan, Tait House & Pauline McDonagh, Waste-prevention Co-ordinator, Southern Waste Region. (Pic: Keith Wiseman)

Limerick City and County Council is supporting a major voluntary environmental project,, which aims to make Ireland a tap water refilling country. Launched last Friday by Limerick’s Deputy Mayor, Cllr Adam Teskey, hopes to prevent plastic waste by reducing the amount of single use drinking water plastic bottles we consume in Ireland.

The initiative is aimed at tackling the amount of plastic bottles ending up as litter on our streets, waterways and seas.  The nationwide initiative encourages the public to refill their reusable bottle for free from commercial locations.

Already in Limerick, 11 businesses have signed up to support the project including:

  • Sean & Sons Bar, Adare
  • Lucy Erridge, Adare
  • FabLab, Rutland Street
  • Butler’s Café, Crescent SC
  • Bakehouse 22
  • St. Mary’s Aid Youth Centre Café
  • King John’s Castle Café
  • Nelly’s Corner
  • The Absolute Hotel
  • Abbey River Coffee Shop
  • Tait House

Deputy Mayor, Cllr Adam Teskey said the project was a win-win for everyone.

“I am delighted to launch the initiative in Limerick. It is a wonderful way to prevent single-use plastic becoming litter or waste. The voluntary projects aims to prevent plastic waste through reducing the amount of single-use drinking water plastic bottles we consume in Ireland. A very significant portion end up on our streets, waterways and seas but this initiative, not alone helps with the environment, but will also helps keep us healthy, hydrated and even save money at the same time.

“Simply put, if the waste is not created in the first instance, there is no waste management or litter issues. It is a win-win for all involved.”

Sinead McDonnell, Environmental Awareness Officer, for Limerick City and County Council said: “We are delighted that there has been such a positive response to the initiative. In the first week of meeting businesses, such as King John’s Castle Café, Bakehouse 22, Nelly’s Corner, The Absolute Hotel and Abbey River Coffee Shop, have all signed up to the campaign. Our Refill team will be visiting Limerick city in the coming weeks to encourage as many businesses to sign up to this waste-reducing campaign. 

“The project is a voluntary scheme that allows business to show their commitment to preventing single-use plastics. By being on the ‘tap map’, Limerick business of all kinds are agreeing to refill water bottles with tap water. It is relevant to all businesses across the county and what's even better is that it aligns with the plastic-free July campaign.” have provided a TAP MAP to find either participating local business pledging to give FREE, no quibble tap water refills to your reusable water bottle or local public mains water tap locations.

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