Closing date for submissions on Limerick Transport Strategy approaches

  • LSMATS The Crescent -  Indicative Public Realm Improvement
The Crescent - Indicative Public Realm Improvement (LSMATS)

Limerick City and County Council is advising citizens and businesses that the closing date for submissions for the new Limerick Transport Strategy is this Friday 30 October.

The draft strategy known as the Limerick Shannon Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy (LSMATS) sets out a framework for investment in transport for the Limerick Shannon Metropolitan Area for the next 20 years and includes proposals for the significant development of the cycle network and enhancement of bus services and infrastructure.

One of the main ambitions of the plan is to radically transform the cycling environment so that anyone of any age will feel safe and confident enough to cycle to work, school, college and other activities.

A cycling network totalling 184km is proposed, of which 103km is to be cycle tracks and greenways that are fully segregated from traffic. That is in comparison to the total 34km cycle infrastructure of mixed quality that is currently in existence.

As part of LSMATS, bus priority will be dramatically improved by reallocating road space, investment in Advance Bus Signalisation, development of bus gates, and the acquisition of land to accommodate bus lanes where required.

Submissions and observations can be made to the National Transport Authority before 5pm on Friday 30 October, 2020 by the following means:

  • e-mail:
  • writing: Limerick-Shannon Metropolitan Area Transport  Strategy 2040, National Transport Authority, Dún Scéine, Harcourt Lane, Dublin 2, D02 WT20
  • phone: 087 435 4401 is available to discuss the Strategy with members of the team

You can

  • Download the Draft LSMATS Public Consultation Document here 
  • Download the Draft LSMATS Full Report here

Visit the National Transport Authority website here for full details of the Limerick Shannon Metropolitan Area Transport Strategy (LSMATS) public consultation.

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