101 Actions: Mayor of Limerick Reveals Action Plan for First 101 Days

  • Mayor of Limerick John Moran

The Mayor of Limerick, John Moran has identified 101 actions to be delivered in the first 101 days of his Mayoral Programme. 

Roads, housing, health, EV charging, dereliction and tourism promotion all feature in the list of actions. The list has been compiled by the Mayor’s Office in collaboration with staff at Limerick City and County Council. 

Mayor Moran stated, “Those who know me know I relish a challenge. I cannot say it has all been easy in these first few weeks but it has been fun and hugely rewarding already. We are essentially creating a wholly new role from scratch, working out the best way to work with the newly elected council and blend their priorities with my own and those who voted for me. We also need to immediately focus on very pressing issues. I hope I have been getting the balance right.” 

Mayor Moran paid tribute to the staff at Limerick City and County Council for their enthusiasm in identifying actions and committing to help deliver them on top of their daily work. 

The 101 actions are grouped in line with the three core pillars of the Mayor’s campaign manifesto seeking More Delivery for Limerick:  

  • A More Liveable Limerick 

  • A More Healthy Limerick 

  • A More Prosperous Limerick 

Mayor Moran cautioned that the document does not contain any “silver bullet,” saying, “It is a first modest step. We may get some things wrong and if so, I will change direction. But I want to live up to my commitment to take risks where necessary and be innovative where it is needed. I believe it is important to not spend our first quarter only thinking about the bigger fish we have to fry but to use it also to get some early wins over the line. As we get these completed I am confident that the pipeline of similar projects will also grow and spread right across Limerick.” 

The 101 actions will deliver on projects and initiatives across the county. Mayor Moran explained there will be a particular focus on Limerick City Centre, “so that the heart of the Limerick region puts a better foot forward for visiting tourists over the summer, to provide summer activities in our city before kids return to school and provide a boost to the struggling retail businesses located there.”  

The Mayor of Limerick also held his first quarterly Press Conference to share progress on his Mayoral Programme as he delivers on a campaign promise of “additional transparency and continued community engagement.” 

The Mayor was joined by the Director General of Limerick City and County Council, Dr Pat Daly and Limerick Garda Superintendent, Andrew Lacey. 

You can read the “First 101 Days of Actions Q3 2024 Mayoral Action Plan” here.

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