New City Centre Maintenance Team to Assist Limerick City and County Council in Combatting Litter

  • Aerial view of the River Shannon in Limerick. Photo: Paul Corey
Limerick City. Photo: Paul Corey

Enhanced resources aimed at cleaning and repairing are to be deployed in Limerick's city centre, as a newly established team of Council staff will assume specific responsibility for maintaining the cleanliness and upkeep of the public realm in the central area.

In addition to collaborating with the Council’s existing cleansing and public realm teams, the freshly assembled City Centre Maintenance team of 5 additional personnel will engage with traders and private property owners to address litter accumulation, with the goal of eliminating the problem of private littering that hampers the overall appeal of Limerick City. 

Mayor of the City and County of Limerick, Cllr Gerald Mitchell, and Limerick City and County Council Chief Executive, Dr Pat Daly, are urging all stakeholders in Limerick to play their part in preserving, maintaining and improving the city's cleanliness. 

Mayor Mitchell commented:

"As Mayor of Limerick, I urge every citizen to join forces in safeguarding the beauty of our city and county. Let's reject littering and take pride in our community. Together, we can cultivate a cleaner, more vibrant environment for everyone. We're all in this together Limerick!" 

Dr Pat Daly echoed these sentiments, stating,

"The IBAL report in January underscored the commendable efforts of our Limerick City and County Council staff day in and day out and the active role played by individuals and tidy town groups in presenting the city centre so well. Our Grade A ratings for various areas reflect Limerick's cleanliness. However, we must also more actively address privately owned areas, which contributed to Limerick’s lower scores. 

"Limerick City and County Council actively pursues businesses and private properties where litter is a concern. As a local authority, we will persist in these efforts, but we also need your assistance. Achieving a cleaner Limerick requires a collaborative endeavour from all." 

In line with its ongoing commitment to preserving the beauty and cleanliness of the city and county, Limerick City and County Council reiterates its firm stance against littering.

The Council will continue to engage with private property owners, while also listing out areas of the city where litter levels are high. These lists of litter blackspots will be published by Limerick City and County Council to ensure that all members of the public are aware of the areas that need attention.

Owners of these properties should be aware that if they let litter accumulate on their premises, that their name and the address of the litter blackspot will be in the public domain. 

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Treaty Stone Limerick. Photo Piotr Machowczyk