How We Help

  • River Shannon, Limerick City, Photographer Piotr Machowczyk

    How we help

Limerick City and County Council is an ‘open for business’ local authority, ready to support and welcome all who are interested in locating operations in our city and county. We approach this in a spirit of partnership in the knowledge that collaboration is a cornerstone of success.

Learn why you’ll achieve your objectives in Limerick. Talk to us about investment opportunities and guidance on setting up in business and ongoing operation.

Limerick is a pro-business city region focussed on ensuring that the operating environment for companies that locate here is welcoming and supportive. We have developed an ecosystem to suit all business needs and the following is a list of agencies and supports for you to explore.

Growing Limerick

Limerick is a community that prides itself on a spirit of collaboration and ambition. The commitment to cohesion and convergence in Limerick is driven by a certainty that what we do together is greater than the sums of the parts we play on our own. Our business leaders are renowned for their welcome and can-do attitude. We invite you to join us and play your part in the Limerick community of the future.