Case Study: Family Living in the City Centre

  • Georgian Neighbourhood Limerick

An architect with Limerick City and County Council, Maria has lived in a Georgian-era house on Wolfe Tone Street since 2012. Originally the premises of an architecture practice shared with her husband, Maria believed the property had real potential to become a home to her and her family (including two young children).

With the kitchen located in the large basement, the addition of a mud-room and a number of contemporary design elements, the house is a demonstration of how space can be utilised creatively in Georgian buildings.

However, more than an intriguing design challenge, Maria cites the benefits of city centre living as the main factor in her decision to locate there. The ease of walking or cycling to work, the proximity of schools and recreational facilities, and the strong community of diverse residents all make Limerick’s Georgian Quarter a desirable place to live.

“Certainly our quality of life here has escalated far more than I could have thought when we lived on the edge of the suburbs. We haven’t compromised anything. We’ve gained, and I think we’ve won. It’s the best move we ever made.”