Case Study: No. 6 Pery Square

  • Georgian Neighbourhood Limerick

Currently, John and Damien are spearheading not one, but two developments in the Georgian Quarter. The first is a personal project. John and his partner Damien are undertaking a refurbishment of a 4 story over basement Georgian townhouse, located at no. 6 Pery Square.

The intention is that, when completed, the house will become a home for both of them, incorporating contemporary elements and mod cons, while respecting the historic character of the house. In addition to this, the property will also feature an office space on its ground floor - an addition which reflects how many of these buildings were originally split between commercial and residential use.

A project of some scale, John has commented on the intrinsic value of Georgian buildings beyond the obvious.

For John and Damien, the refurbishment of no. 6 is about much more than simply finding a place to live, it’s about the stories these buildings tell about our past, our collective responsibility to honour and build upon our shared heritage, and to reimagine how this might look in the future.

John and Damien took advantage of the Living Cities Initiative Scheme to get this project off the ground, and are working with their architects to bring it to life.