The Heat is on for UL Science and Engineering Summer campers!!

  • UL Science Engineering Summer Camp
Ross Higgins, School of Engineering, University of Limerick with students. (Pic: Oisin McHugh, True Media)

Students from all over Ireland attended the UL Science and Engineering Summer Camp this week.

It was all go in an action packed two day camp designed to enable students to use a ‘practical’ approach to investigating the different aspects of science, technology engineering and mathematics. 

The participants enjoyed a vast array of experiences. They got to use a life-size wind tunnel for the evaluation of aerodynamic efficiency of planes, design and build their own bridge, explore the world of chemistry and cool things down with ice-cream that they made themselves, and engaged in a set of food and nutrition issues relating to adolescent health.

UL Science Engineering Summer Camp
Anastasia Sidorova from Crescent College Comprehensive, Limerick and Rachel Roberts, Gaelcholaiste Phort Lairge at the School of Engineering, University of Limerick. (Pic: Oisin McHugh)

Micro-organisms, lichens, plants and freshwater organism were identified in the ecology session, while the participants also got to design and launch their own rockets, make a heart monitor by building a circuit board, generate electricity by building their own electric generator, and explore how wind, water and sunlight can be harnessed to produce power. Phew! 

In addition throughout the two days, participants were able to explore and tease out the questions they had on different aspects of the academic programmes and the career opportunities open to graduates of these programmes.

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