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The Adare brandmark is a bold and confident piece of design. The design centres on the oak leaf and acorn. The range of Adare is brought to life in the branching veins of the leaf – creating an icon which can stand alone from the main logo also.

Adare, Co. Limerick

The texture of the oak, so synonymous with Adare, is evoked by the typography, giving depth, detail and offering another brand asset. Its typography, as well as the colours tie Adare to its county and to Limerick’s brand identity.

Please always adhere to our Brand Guidelines when using the Limerick logo.

The commercialisation or monetisation of the trademarked brand is not currently permitted but there are actions in place to expedite this process. Please contact if you have any queries in relation to this.

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Main Pattern Logo Versions

  • Main Pattern Logo Pine - JPG | PNG | EPS
  • Main Pattern Logo Black - JPG | PNG | EPS
  • Main Pattern Logo White - PNG | EPS

Main Solid Logo Versions

Logo Variation 'Explore'

Logo Variation 'Indulge'

Logo Variation 'Stay'

Logo Variation 'Play'

Download Adare Acorn & Leaf Icons

Acorn Icon

Acorn & Leaf Icon

  • Black Acorn & Leaf Icon - JPG | PNG | EPS
  • Blue Acorn & Leaf Icon - JPG | PNG | EPS
  • Charcoal Acorn & Leaf Icon - JPG | PNG | EPS
  • Green Acorn & Leaf Icon - JPG | PNG | EPS
  • Orange Acorn & Leaf Icon - JPG | PNG | EPS
  • Pine Acorn & Leaf Icon - JPG | PNG | EPS
  • White Acorn & Leaf Icon - PNG | EPS

Leaf Icon