Brand Adare

Adare’s new brand identity is a springboard to opportunity. It provides a revitalised platform to tell our story effectively and comprehensively, creating buy-in and support from residents, key businesses and stakeholders from across the community, whilst also deepening tourist appeal.

Brand Adare is central to maximising opportunities from the lead-up to duration and aftermath of the 2027 Ryder Cup, to ensure a legacy that helps Adare develop and grow sustainably.

It also plays a vital role in helping Adare become more of a support and strength for “Brand Limerick”, its parent brand and widening meaning and relevance of Adare to drive positive reappraisal by potential visitors.

The commercialisation or monetisation of the trademarked brand is not currently permitted but there are actions in place to expedite this process. Please contact if you have any queries in relation to this.

Adare, Co. Limerick

Brand Adare Toolkit

Our Brand Adare Toolkit is versatile and easy to use. For Brand Adare to live, we need you to help communicate our Adare message in a clear, consistent and compelling way. Our brand is our shared vision to promote Adare as a destination for tourism and as an outstanding place for people to live and work in.

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Adare brand guidelines

Brand Adare Guidelines

The Adare brand identity ensures that all communications are professional and consistent, with a clear and distinctive tone of voice. It allows us all to unite and amplify the amazing stories that happen in the village and to help those stories spread further and with greater power and clarity. The brand identity has been created with careful consideration and it is important that it is clearly understood and consistently applied by all users across all communications. That is the role of these guidelines.

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Adare logo

Brand Adare Logo

The Adare brandmark is a bold and confident piece of design. The design centres on the oak leaf and acorn. The range of Adare is brought to life in the branching veins of the leaf – creating an icon which can stand alone from the main logo also.

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