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Welcome to Planet Health Limerick. It does not only keep the body healthy but also helps to improve the mind power.

Sauna and Steam Room

Why not relax in our sauna and steam room to help refresh both your mind and body, the perfect place to unwind from a stressful world. Saunas can both sooth the body and relax tired, aching muscles. 


Your heart is the centre of everything. With a stronger heart, you can pump oxygen-rich blood around the body faster, making it easier to get and stay fit. We make sure you have everything you need to give your heart and lungs a great workout.

Weight Machines

Weight machines focus on specific muscle groups and provide an easy initiation into strength training. It’s perfect for building muscle strength or size in a safe way as the machine guides your movement and as muscles burn calories efficiently.

Free Weights & Cable Strength

Free weights and cable strength is a great progression from fixed strength equipment and takes your strength training to the next level using multi-directional movement. It mimics the movement found in real situations and so works on a wider muscle group.

Swimming Pool

Swimming is considered as the best means of exercise with fewer efforts as compared to the other forms of exercises. It does not only keep the body healthy but also helps in improving the mind power. Benefits of swimming are many. 

Functional Training

Functional Training is nothing new, we have been moving this way for many years. Athletes and strongmen were lifting, bending and twisting hundreds of years ago. 

Fitness Classes

Motivating yourself to work out several times a week does not come easy. While strength training and cardio should be part of your everyday fitness plan, it can be really tempting to hit the snooze button when it’s all work and no play in your fitness regime. Increase your level of motivation with group exercise classes, group fitness is a great way to jumpstart your routine exercises.

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