Embody Fitness

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Embody fitness, is an experience rather than a class or a personal training session.

Embody Fitness offers unique energy filled classes and focused, guided personal training sessions for individuals and groups.

All classes are suitable for all levels from beginners to advanced. You will be made feel welcome and included in everything.

Classes include:

  • Rebounding (mini trampolining)
  • Classic Step Aerobics
  • Barbell Classes
  • Box-fit
  • Fitness and weight loss plates
  • TRX
  • Medicine Ball Classes
  • Swiss-ball Classes
  • Kettle-bell Classes
  • Amazing Abs
  • Circuits
  • Dance (for children & adults)

To view the timetable and book classes online please visit www.bookwhen.com/simplyclass

Personal training (especially weight loss is our speciality): feel comfortable, relaxed and motivated in our fresh surroundings. Use free weights, bars, Swiss-balls, body weight, TRX etc. Included is weekly weigh ins, body fat measurements, food plans, lifestyle advice and most importantly encouragement and guidance.

Limerick City

Unit 11C, Castletroy Shopping Centre, Limerick

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