Glin Heritage Walking Trails

  • The Knights Walk, Glin, Co. Limerick.

The Knights Walk and Knockaranna Walking Trail are fabulous walks where you can observe a variety of native woodland flora and fauna, take in the majestic species of beech, oak, ash and holly trees, as well as the sweeping views over the Shannon Estuary.

Glin Heritage Walks offer a wide variety of spectacular coastal and woodland scenery. Glin, a picturesque village on the Shannon Estuary, boasts a very rich and varied culture dating back to the early Celtic settlements of the Corbry Clan. Formerly known as Glencorbry, Glin has been the ancestral home to the Knights of Glin since the 13th Century. Descendents of the Fitzgeralds of Desmond, the Knights ‘old’ and ‘new’ castles bear witness to an historic past which is evident when exploring the surrounding walks.

The Knights Walk

Distance: 4km
Time: 2hrs
Difficulty: Moderate

This trail has some climbs and an uneven surface where the going is rough underfoot with some obstacles along the way. The routes are appropriate for people with a moderate level of fitness and some walking experience. Specific outdoor walking footwear and clothing is recommended.

Medium level fitness.

Terrain: Open countryside and woodland trails with an elevation to 150 metres.

Description: From St. Paul’s Heritage Centre the trail heads south through The Race Field where many important race meetings were held in the last century. Now enter Rook Hall Wood over the footbridge where a plantation of oak and beech trees provide a natural habitat for many species of wildlife in the area. On exiting this woods continue your walk through Lissy Highe and enjoy sweeping views of Glin and the Shannon Estuary.
Turning left the Beech Walk pathway takes you to Tullyglas Hill and the viewing platform at 100 metres. Here you can enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding counties of Kerry, Clare, Galway and Tipperary.
As you descend from Tullyglas Hill the tree-lined vista leads you northwards where you can enjoy more breathtaking views of the estuary.
As you meander through the Furry Hill woodland you will observe a variety of native woodland flora and fauna and you can admire the majestic species of beech, oak, ash and holly trees. On leaving the wood you rejoin the path and return by Lissy Highe to the trailhead at St. Paul’s Heritage Centre.

Glin Heritage Trails


Distance: 8.5km
Time: 2hrs
Difficulty: Easy

Generally flat trails with a mostly smooth surface and some gentle slopes or shallow steps. Route includes some obstacles such as stiles, gates, steps and rocky coastline. Normal outdoor footwear can be worn.

Beginner level fitness, casual walkers.

Terrain: Roads, coastal paths and shoreline along the Shannon Estuary.

Note: On occasion a short section of this walk may be wet due to tides.

Description: From the trail head the Dark Road to the left of the Catholic Church leads you to the town park, passing the Georgian style Hamilton Terrace and Hamilton Tower on Knockaranna Hill in the foreground. In the Town Park continue over the footbridge around Knockaranna Point to Glin pier. The walk continues eastward along the scenic Shannon Estuary shoreline on a return trip of 3km. You can enjoy the coastal flora and fauna as described in the detail on the habitat information panel in the Town Park. Return to the trail head by the same route.
An alternative route from the Pier Road back to the Town Park passes the ‘old Castle’ – home of the Knights of Glin from the 13th century until its destruction in the 1600s.


St. Paul’s Heritage Centre
Church Street,

Co. Limerick.