The O’Brudair Monument

  • O'Brudair Monument

Daithi O’Brudair Monument. Sculptor Cliodha Cussen.

O’Brudair considered Ireland’s greatest poet of his age lived in Broadford in 1600s, was a student in the Local Broadford O’Daly Bardic School. He was Bard to the Fitzgerald family in Springfield Castle (situated between Broadford and Dromcollogher).

Sir John Fitzgerald who was O’Brudair’s principal patron and kindred spirit went to France with Patrick Sarsfield after the Treaty of Limerick. Springfield Castle was then a place frequented with harpers and bardic poets plying their art. O’Brudair celebrated in his poetry great events of their lives, marriages and their deaths.


Positioned across from Church, Broadford Village, Co. Limerick