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Old Irish Ways is a collection of various artifacts and collectibles which were used as part of everyday life down through the years in an Ireland long past. From the kitchen to the farmyard the collection built up over a number of years represents an Ireland of bygone days.

There is an old kitchen, with a traditional open fire, and numerous kitchen and cookery utensils. The humble eternal fire, which was the engine room of the home was cared for by the lady of the house.

The fire was used for so many purposes including all house cooking and boiling root vegetables and corn for animals. Many sick animals recovered in front of the fire.

It has taken electric cookers, hobs, kettles, irons, tumble dryers, boilers, radiators and waste incinerators to replace the humble fire. Its flame drew the attention that the television now commands. It takes many steps forward to replace a simple step backwards.

An old pub represents an institution, which was at the heart of Irish life, which also incorporated a local shop. On display are various items which would have been commonly seen in every Irish pub and shop throughout the country.

From old well known earthenware jars to bottles, to an array of trays to a collection of water jugs and of course the famous Guinness timber barrel, the museum has re-created in detail this Old Irish pub.

The Irish Creamery, which was also a great institution in every local community, has been creatively re-created and on display are various implements that were used in the production and subsequent processing of milk and butter.

Other displays in Old Irish Ways includes an old style Irish classroom, an old blacksmith forge, a carpenter’s workshop, a typical old Irish hardware shop, a display of old farming implements ranging from a sleán that was used in the bog for cutting turf, a vast array of farming and craftsman’s tools and a 1964 Massey Ferguson Tractor. For the motoring enthusiast there is a large displays of motor oil cans, advertising signs and associated memorabilia.

This award-winning museum represents a true and unique reflection of a forgotten Ireland.


Co. Limerick
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Treaty Stone Limerick. Photo Piotr Machowczyk