Limerick Archives' Genealogical Resources

While Limerick Archives does not specialize in genealogical research, we do have a number of resources that can be useful to research family histories

Genealogical information at Limerick Archives

Most of the material held by Limerick Archives relates to Limerick City and County Council and therefore do not contain much genealogical information. Any information that we do hold can be found in our digitised collection.

Types of information found in the digitised collection:

Mount Saint Lawrence Cemetery – This was the primary place of burial for Limerick city. Burial records can be found for approximately 70,000 graves dating from 1855 – 2010.

Limerick Union Board of Guardians register of deaths, 1907-1915

Rate books of St. Michael’s Parish, 1810-1846

Register of cases of successful vaccination, 1864–1912

Other Useful websites

In order to access civil births, deaths and marriage records an appointment at the General Register Office (GRO) research room must be booked. Contact information and information about fees can be found on their website. However, some historical records can be found on the Irish Genealogy website, which has a free, searchable database. They hold the following records:

Births 1864 - 1919

Marriages 1845 - 1944

Deaths 1878 – 1969

Records for Limerick City and County can be found in the following places:

            St. Camillus Hospital, Shelbourne Road

                        Phone: 061 483 960 or 061 483901 E-mail:

            Newcastle West Health Centre

                        Phone: 069 66661 E-mail:

It is useful to keep in mind that people did not always register births/marriages/deaths in rural parts of Limerick.

National Library – Records of Baptism and Marriage

To access church records on baptisms and marriages visit the National Library of Ireland’s website, Catholic parish registers at NLI. Parish searches can be made on this website, which will give the complete collection of parish records that are held in that parish. Records can be found up to the late 1800s. It is useful to keep in mind that if someone was born in the workhouse, they were most likely baptised in St. Munchin’s parish.

Roots Ireland offers a searchable database of Irish Catholic and other church records. Some genealogical records up to the 1930s can be found here. However, to have full access to the database a subscription must be purchased. More information about these subscriptions can be found on their website.

On a list of data collections containing genealogical information can be found. A search can be made on this website but to view the records, fees apply. More information can be found on their website.

Irish Ancestors is a website where a surname search can be done. Genealogical information relating to that surname can be found.

As Irish genealogical records are difficult to source it may be beneficial to hire a professional genealogy company. One that has access to many genealogical records of Limerick is ‘Limerick Genealogy’, who can be contacted through their website.

Adoption and Boarded Out Records

For enquiries relating to adoption and boarded out children, please note that Tusla hold the relevant records and they can be contacted through their website Tusla


List compiled by Yvonne Treacy