Workshop: Limerick Laneways Improvements

Thursday 20th May @ 6.30pm - 8pm
  • Limerick Laneway Improvements Phase 1

Limerick City and County Council are undertaking a project called Limerick Laneways in order to improve the laneways in the City Centre. This is part of the Living Georgian City programme, an urban revitalisation programme which aims to make positive changes to the city.

Seven laneways will be designed in detail over the summer. Paving, lighting, planting, bin storage and play spaces are amongst the elements beings considered. A Part 8 planning application process will commence in September for these seven laneways. It is hoped that construction will commence in 2022.

The map above shows the first 7 laneways.

  • Glentworth Mews
  • Leader Lane
  • Off Mallow Street
  • Daly’s Lane
  • Hartstonge Mews
  • Pery Square
  • Schoolhouse Lane (to rear of Crescent)

You’re invited to have your say

In order to ensure we hear your views and develop these 7 laneways in a collaborative manner with those who have a direct interest in them, we would like to invite you to attend an online session on Thursday 20th May from 6.30pm to 8pm.

This would be an opportunity to:

  • Discuss the laneway improvements
  • Discuss vacancy, dereliction and building activation along the laneways
  • Discuss waste and recycling arrangements, including a pilot recycling and waste project associated with the laneways improvements

Please let us know if you can or can’t attend this session by:

Please let us know which of the seven laneways you are living on or working on, or in which laneways you own a property/ business.


Pilot Project & Waste Project

Glentworth Mews

One of the key challenges for the project is to reduce the negative impact that bin storage has on some of the laneways. Co-ordination between those living and working on the laneways, waste management companies and the Council is needed in order to come up with possible solutions. Given each laneway is different, a lane-by-lane approach is needed. 

In collaboration with Western Regional Waste Management, Limerick City and County would like to invite those who live, work or own property along Glentworth Mews to take part in a short pilot project in order to arrive at and implement changes which it is hoped will reduce the impact of bins on the laneways. Glentworth Mews was selected as the most favourable example to start with. However we do need resident and business support and buy in, in order to make this work. We will be discussing this in more detail on the 20th May.

To all living/ working along Glentworth Mews: Please attend the session we are holding on Thursday the 20th May from 6.30pm to 9pm so that we can discuss the best approach for initiating this pilot project. You can let us know if you can or can’t make it by using any of the means listed above.