Ballyhoura Rural Services Ltd

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We provide a social visitation and phonelink service to people living in the Ballyhoura area.

Our aim is to combat the sense of isolation and loss experienced by many people living in rural areas, through a range of branded services, focussed on specific target groups.

Ballyhoura Rural Services has established services and supports centred predominantly on older people. However we are currently expanding our range of services to include isolated younger people and young parents. We do this by investing in staff skills, training and structures as well as working with complimentary partners and learning from best practice. Together this enables us to empower and facilitate local people to take the next step towards improving their quality of life, by encouraging socialisation and community involvement.

To access this service, just call us or ask somebody in your community to contact us. We get referrals from individuals, family members, neighbours and members of the health profession.


Ballyhoura Rural Services CLG
4 High Street
Co. Limerick.

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