Mungret Park & Playground gets an AED Donation

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Mark Fleming, Kieran Quinn, Anthony Holmes, Fleming Medical, Daniel Butler, Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Limerick and representatives of Mungret Park Run.

A Limerick based company has donated a special defibrillator to Mungret Park & Playground that can be tailored for use on adults as well as children.

Fleming Medical has donated a Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 to the Mungret Park & Playground, along with the help of Councillor Daniel Butler, Mayor of the Metropolitan District of Limerick.

The Powerheart G5 is the only AED on the Irish market that provides customised shocks tailored to each patient needs to both include adults and children.

It also provides faster shock times and real-time CPR feedback with a unique CPR Device that instructs the correct pressure to be applied when performing CPR.

The G5 has a highly visible Rescue Ready® indicator that confirms it has passed rigorous daily, weekly and monthly self-tests so that it is always ready to use.

The renowned Mungret playground offers a wide range of equipment with careful consideration for children with disabilities, the play equipment is suitable for both able and non-able-bodied children, and there is also a sensory area for children on the autistic spectrum.

The park also boasts two kilometres of walk and cycle paths along with adult exercise equipment and benches along the perimeter of the park.

Founded by CEO, Mark Fleming 30 years ago, Limerick based Fleming Medical employs more than 60 people, both domestically and internationally, providing quality healthcare products under the Medicare brand name, among others.

Mayor of Metropolitan District of Limerick Cllr Daniel Butler said “The donation of the Powerheart G5 is a fantastic resource for all those who use the Mungret Park & Playground on a regular basis - knowing that there is an AED close to hand provides great reassurance for those who use the park, I would like to thank Mark Fleming for his generous donation”.

Mark Fleming, MD Fleming Medical said “We are delighted to donate the Powerheart G5 to Mungret Park & Playground, this amazing facility is a fantastic example of a community coming together to promote exercise & healthy living for both adults and children”.

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