Memorare: An exhibition by Mary Nagle at LSAD

  • Memorare An exhibition by Mary Nagle
'Celestial Order' - cast iron, cast porcelain, tin, silver leaf, gold leaf, steel, wood, bone, mother of pearl. (Photograph by Roland Paschhoff)

Said Dr. Susan Halvey, LSAD: “Memorare pays homage to the women who passed through the gates of the Convent of the Good Shepherd, Limerick’s Magdalene Laundry. The exhibition commemorates their lives, their work, their love and their devastating losses.” 

"This is a show about memory, the act of remembering, and resonance; the quiet resonance of the past softly resounding around us. Memorare is a meditative show. Mary Nagle offers us a succession of fragile, beautiful objects using vernacular forms and delicate materials - hair, paper, ash - as objects of quiet contemplation." said Dr. Tracy Fahey, LSAD.

Mary Nagle’s small sculptures and assemblages evoke memory and imagined ritual. Said Mary“They are made from objects and materials both found and worked, natural and man-made, and inspired by the inherent aesthetic of the objects themselves.”

Memorare is on weekdays at LSAD Gallery, Limerick School of Art and Design, Clare Street, Limerick, from Monday 17th to Friday 28th February, 9.30am -  4.30pm.

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