The Market Quarter announces that it is removing plastic straws

  • The Last Straw

The Publicans of the Market Quarter Limerick have announced that they are committed to eliminating single use plastic straws in replacement with a biodegradable variant. They have also announced the introduction of a policy of only giving straws when requested.

Publican and Member of the Market Quarter Michael McMahon said “Plastic pollution is becoming a major issue and is having a detrimental impact on the environment both locally and internationally. As a group we are committed to eliminating the use of non biodegradable straws in our premises.” 

It is estimated that half a million non biodegradable straws will be removed from the waste stream.  Additionally by only giving straws when requested it is hoped to significantly reduce waste. “Our customers are very environmentally aware and have been asking for this change. We know we can eliminate non biodegradable straws and hope working with our customers we can significantly reduce waste straws. Currently 10 establishments including 2 late night bars and 2 night clubs are committed” says Phil Flannery, Publican and Market Quarter Member.

The Market Quarter is Limerick’s premier entertainment area synonymous with Limerick Nightlife, incorporating pubs, restaurants, night clubs and venues. The area is a purple flag zone, recognised for excellence in managing the evening and night time economy.

For further information contact Michael McMahon, 0868323724 or email

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