Lough Gur and No.1 Pery Square team up to offer a truly unique Santa experience

  • Lough Gur Santa visit. (Pic: Keith Wiseman)
  • Lough Gur Santa visit. (Pic: Keith Wiseman)
Pic: Keith Wiseman.

Lough Gur and No.1 Pery Square in Limerick understand the importance of tradition, the importance of creating experiences that last a life time and beyond. Lough Gur is one of Ireland’s most important historic sites and No.1 Pery Square Hotel is one of Limerick’s finest hotels, and both have made a wise decision to join together this Christmas to offer you a truly unique experience.

The reason why you may not have heard of Santa’s visits to the magical location of Lough Gur in County Limerick is because the event sells out at lightning speed year after year. Tickets are snapped up before the mass majority even know that he is visiting this idyllic lakeside location. Eager parents and families try without success to book early, add names to waiting lists or ask with hope “is there any chance we could get tickets before they go on sale?” The answer is always no. Lough Gur offer equal opportunities to all people who hope to get their hands on these tickets. You could in fact compare them to the famous golden tickets from Roald Dahl’s bestselling childhood book. Everyone wants one but none can wrangle their way in ahead of time.

This year for the first time in history Lough Gur Visitor Centre will release 4 family tickets to No.1 Pery Square Hotel for extra special guests to enjoy. Why not enjoy an overnight stay in Limerick’s finest boutique hotel along with a rare opportunity to meet Santa in a historical site of international importance. To help set the scene, sit back and imagine your family enjoying an evening by the roaring period fireplaces of No.1 Pery Square surrounded by the opulent luxury of this Georgian gem. For centuries Limerick’s elite called this part of Limerick their home. Now it is your turn to make magical Christmas memories that will live for generations.

As you pass through time and enter the great doors of No.1 Pery Square Hotel's little house in the city, and be greeted by the warming embrace of a hot port and hot drinks for the kids. Be guided to your club style individually named bedrooms, named after writers of Irish descent and birth. Visit the People’s Museum next door at No.2 and enjoy the children’s museum, with all of the classic toys and characters from yester-year. Enjoy a seasonal festive meal at No.1 and spend time with the kids as the Christmas season approaches – the following day you will make a short 20 minute journey past Limerick City along the quaint winding country roads to Lough Gur direct to the hill side grotto overlooking Limerick’s only natural lake of significance. What you will experience here is not a loud and garish Santa experience but a traditional visit with Santa where he will give you quality time and his absolute attention. Visitors to Santa in Lough Gur on previous years have said “if they were ever in doubt before, they left as true believers after their visit to Santa in Lough Gur.” Others commented “we were absolutely enthralled. Santa gave us his undivided attention. We are certain after meeting him that he is magic!”

This is your opportunity to secure tickets to see Santa in Lough Gur and also stay in the festively decorated No.1 Pery Square Hotel to enhance your Christmas experience. Go to www.oneperysquare.ie to book this offer directly. Tickets are expected to sell out quickly. 

Tickets for general Santa visits will go on sale on Wednesday 6th October. Ticket prices: €30 per child, €20 per baby (child under 1), adults €7. Presents are included. Visit loughgur.com to book your tickets.

Please note: The Lough Gur Santa Visit will comply with all Covid health and safety guidelines.

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