Limerick’s Tuscany Bistro launches new Christmas-themed DIY Home Cooking Kits & Hampers

  • Tuscany Bistro Christmas-themed DIY Kits and Hampers

Tuscany Bistro, a third-generation family-run group of Irish Italian restaurants based in Limerick decided to turn their time during the first COVID-19 lockdown into something positive, which kick started a new business idea that has evolved into a new shop concept. They now offer a range of Halloween and Christmas-themed DIY home cooking kits and hampers.

Tuscany Bistro’s DIY Kits have proven to be very popular with consumers, adding a fun and innovative side to the business which allows the whole team to use their creativity.

Sabrina Amodeo, Owner of Tuscany Bistro, commented: “Adapting to the new normal has been an interesting experience, but we are learning every day. A huge part of this adaptation was how we could get Tuscany’s food and drinks to our customers in a safe way, whilst still giving them the true Tuscany experience. The time during lockdown definitely made us realise how precious time was. We thought that our DIY kits would create some fun memories in the kitchen, while enabling our customers to enjoy Tuscany’s favourite dishes in an easy way.” 

Each Tuscany DIY Kit has everything you need, measured out and with a step-by-step guide on how to successfully recreate it at home. DIY Kits range from main courses, desserts & cocktails, with the offering growing each week.  

When the second lockdown hit, the Tuscany team put their thinking caps on again and looked at how they could bring the Tuscany experience to customers for Halloween and Christmas. The restaurant wanted to bring an element of trick or treat to their youngest customers and created our Halloween cookie DIY Kit.

Tuscany Bistro’s Christmas shop has a range of cocktail kits and hampers that can be delivered with a handwritten note for that extra personal touch. “We wanted to make sure we had thought of everything, from glasses to garnishes and even instructions, making the experience as easy and delightful for our customers” - Sabrina Amodeo.

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