Limerick teams to take part in Wellness on the Water Festival on the Shannon

  • Shannon Dragons on the River Shannon Pic: Nancy Geary Photography
Shannon Dragons on the River Shannon. (Pic: Nancy Geary Photography)

A host of Limerick teams have registered to take part in the Wellness on the Water Festival on the Shannon this weekend! An inter company dragon boat race featuring teams from Limerick City and County Council, Rusal Aughinish, Analog, Axa Insurance, Britvic Ballygowan and Mary Immaculate College will take part as part of the festival run by Shannon Dragons.

Perhaps you have heard of Shannon Dragons. Perhaps you know someone who went nervously down to the river to see what this strange activity was all about and ended up addicted to the sport and camaraderie, the challenge and the adrenaline. Formed a mere two years ago by Brid O’Connell, a breast cancer survivor who believes passionately in the power of activities on the water to promote recovery and restore confidence, we are a dragon boating club with a difference.

Based in Montpellier/ O’Brien’s Bridge village on the banks of the beautiful Shannon, this club draws members from Limerick, Clare and Tipperary.  It is composed of women who have had breast cancer and their friends and supporters.

Now owning two boats, we offer a variety of experiences to our members. Some like the gentle pace of our recreational boat. Others are fiercely competitive sportswomen who like nothing better than a new challenge. Some of our members paddle in the 20 seat boat, some perch high on the drum-seat and beat out the rhythm. A brave few have even trained to helm the mighty dragonboat. We go from strength to strength.

We have many stories to tell. But right now our focus is on our upcoming Wellness on the Water Festival which will take place on Sunday 1st September. Central to the event will be an Inter-Company Dragon Boat Race.

This event has been run in other areas with huge success. This is our first time to host such a competition. We have seen how successful the Cork Interfirm Dragonboat Race has been and would love to bring that excitement and spectacle to the Shannon Region. 

Watch the teams as they struggle to get out of the heats and into the final. These will be amateurs who have had one day’s training so the entertainment value will be high.

We need to get the word out to as many as possible. Come out to O’Brien’s Bridge and meet the Shannon Dragons.

Shannon Dragons Poster 2019

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