Iarnród Éireann supports European Expo with special European flag display at Colbert Railway Station, Limerick

  • Launch of European Flags at Colbert Station
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All 27 European Union Flags on display at Colbert Railway Station, Limerick as part of a new and exciting initiative with the European Expo.

Iarnród Éireann’s District Manager for Limerick, Noreen Clohessy, John Moran, Chairperson of European Expo and Caragh O’Shea, Head of European Expo were joined at Colbert Railway Station with citizens living in Limerick from Poland, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain to unveil a special display of the 27 European Union Nation’s flags in support of the European Expo. The vibrant and colourful flags have been placed hanging from the rafters inside Limerick Colbert Railway Station to welcome visitors, who may travel by train to visit Limerick for European Expo events when it is safe to do so.

Speaking at Colbert Railway Station, Noreen Clohessy said: “We at Iarnród Éireann are delighted to be associated with the European Expo, which is showcasing the important links between the Limerick region and the EU. We hope to welcome many visitors here to Colbert Railway Station for European Expo events, when it is safe to do so”

European Expo is a series of projects, events, conferences, education, exhibitions and seminars over the course of 2020 that celebrate national and European culture and co-operation, with the European Investment Bank art exhibition Belonging at its core. The EIB Art Collection, Belonging will be based in venues across the city and curated by the Hunt Museum. It was due to arrive April 2020, however had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 health emergency. It is now confirmed for early 2021. Over the last few months the European Expo events had to take place online. Iarnród Éireann are delighted to support this initiative with European Expo, which is visible to travelling tourists and locals while tying in with Limerick’s new brand, 'Atlantic Edge, European Embrace'.

Attending Colbert Railway Station, John Moran, Chairperson of European Expo said: “It’s a powerful image for Limerick and a warm welcome to people once they arrive off the train into Colbert Railway Station, they can see there is a little bit of their own country here and delighted Iarnród Éireann is supporting the initiative.”

Step 1: Go to Colbert Railway Station
Step 2: Find your European National Flag
Step 3: Take a picture
Step 4: Tag us on Twitter @IrishRail @EExpo2020

Due to Covid-19 European Expo decided to postpone the in-person events towards the end of 2020. We will continue to host online events where possible. If you have any information regarding an event or online European event you wish to share with us, please contact the team by emailing info@europeanexpo.eu. You can check out our website: www.europeanexpo.eu and our social media platforms.

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