VIII Burials ( 1812-1895)

VIII Burials ( 1812-1895)

Limerick Burial Notes 1812-1895

Volume of handwritten/printed burial notes written to the ‘gravemaker’,  noting the date the notice was sent, the date the grave is needed for, the chosen burial ground, the name, age and address of the deceased and the date of burial signed by the ‘gravemaker’.

Later certificates include details on the marital status and parents of the deceased; Includes an index of names with numbers beside them which correspond to the certificates. Includes a letter at the back of the volume concerning the effects of the reduction in subscriptions for Brookfield Agricultural School in Co Down dated 14 October 1887.

Includes copies of a certificate of recommendation for Suzanne Sophie Alexander who moved from Cork to Limerick and a letter from Philadelphia meeting to say that Suzanna Foyle originally a member of the Limerick meeting had died. 

  • MM/IX/M4            1 May 1812-13 April 1895