Limerick Council Special Meeting Minute Books, 1833-1969



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Chronological list of minute books that detail the minutes of meetings held of Limerick Council's Special Committees

Minutes of meetings of a number of standing committees including special meetings of the whole council and meetings of smaller sub-committees considering specific issues. The standing committees generally met once a month and the majority continued to meet for many years; some committees transferred their minutes to a separate minute book, for example the Watch Committee used an exclusive minute book from May 1877 (L/SMIN/6).

The standing committees included the Railway Committee, which first sat on 14 June 1859, (L/SMIN/2/1; The Lunatic Asylum Committee which first met on 21 June 1859, (L/SMIN/2/1), the Corkanree Committee which held its first meeting on 25 August 1859, (L/SMIN/2/1), and merged with the Watch and Lighting Committee c.1900 (L/SMIN/6); the Sewerage Committee which first sat on 10 January 1860, (L/SMIN/2/1), the Whole House Committee which held its first meeting on 27 October 1860, (L/SMIN/2/1), the Fire Brigade Committee which first sat on 25 August 1868, (L/SMIN/2/1) and which met with the ‘Watch and Lighting Committee’, from 3 of April 1901 (see L/SMIN/6/2).  Includes the minutes of Market Trustees Committee which first met on 3 May 1869, (L/SMIN/2/1), the ‘Estimates Committee’ which first met on 7 July 1872, (L/SMIN/2/1), the Watch Committee which first met on the 14 March 1877, (L/SMIN/2/2), the Irrecoverable Rates Committee which sat from the 16 March 1875, (L/SMIN/2/2), the Lighting Committee, which first sat on 28 October 1875, (L/SMIN/2/2) and from 12 March 1889 joined with the Watch Committee, (L/SMIN/6/1); People’s Park Committee (18 August 1877, L/SMIN/2/2, and merged with the ‘Watch and Lighting Committee’ c. 1900 (see L/SMIN/6); Water Works and Supplies Committee (23 August 1878, L/SMIN/2/2), Housing of the Working Class Committee (7 September 1896, L/SMIN/2/4), Law Agents Salary and Cost Committee (20 May 1897, L/SMIN/2/4), Officer’s Salaries Committee (22 March 1899, L/SMIN/2/4), Proposal Committee (13 July 1899, L/SMIN/2/4) and City Distress Committee (from L/SMIN/2/9). These committees used to hold meeting monthly, but irregularity is the characteristic feature.

Ad-hoc sub-committees were created to deal with specific issues and usually only met once or a small number of occasions. These include the ‘Bathing Committee’ (31 July 1872, L/SMIN/2/2), the ‘George Hotel Committee’ (23 June 1865, L/SMIN/2/1), ‘Borough Boundary Extension’ (20 March 1872, L/SMIN/2/2), ‘Barrington’s Hospital Committee’ (31 January 1887, L/SMIN/2/3), Technical Committee (30 January 1902, L/SMIN/2/4), Committee for the Shop Hours Act (23 February 1905, L/SMIN/2/6)



Minute books of the meetings held of the special committees of Limerick Council

Minutes of Limerick City Council Special Committees were maintained in tandem with the minutes of the City Council (L/MIN) and committees were established to deal with the detailed management of many specific functions including Finance, the Watch, Sewerage, Water, Improvement, Presentments and Public Health. The collection also includes minutes of meetings held to discuss contemporary or ad hoc issues and such committees often held only once or a small number of meetings.

From 1934, all the issues and concerns dealt with by the different committees were amalgamated under the ‘General Purposes Committee’. This includes lighting, supplies, expenses, improvement, fire brigade, waterworks, relief scheme, planning, People’s Park, health, cleansing, housing, and Corkanree.

These volumes provide a detailed insight into the manner in which the City Council carried out a host of functions and are a useful source for the study of political, social and economic issues that arose in Limerick City throughout the period including the operation of the City Council itself.



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PDF File: L/SMIN/1 1833-1841

PDF File: L/SMIN/2/1 1858-1870

PDF File: L/SMIN/2/2 1871-1884

PDF File: L/SMIN/2/3 1885-1895

PDF File: L/SMIN/2/12 1918-1923

PDF File: L/SMIN/2/13 1923-1934

PDF File: L/SMIN/3/1 1854-1860

PDF File: L/SMIN/3/3 169-1875

PDF File: L/SMIN/3/5 1888-1893

PDF File: L/SMIN/4/1 1854-1855

PDF File: L/SMIN/4/3 1858-1860

PDF File: L/SMIN/4/5 1861-1863

PDF File: L/SMIN/5 1854-1872

PDF File: L/SMIN/6/7 1916-1923

PDF File: L/SMIN/6/8 1923-1929

PDF File: L/SMIN/6/9 1930-1933

PDF File: L/SMIN/6/10 1933-1934

PDF File: L/SMIN/7/8 1917-1924

PDF File: L/SMIN/8/2 1885-1893

PDF File: L/SMIN/8/4 1900-1907

PDF File: L/SMIN/8/6 1911-1915

PDF File: L/SMIN/8/7 1915-1919

PDF File: L/SMIN/8/10 1927-1930

PDF File: L/SMIN/11/1 1910-1934

PDF File: L/SMIN/12/1 1934-1941

PDF File: L/SMIN/12/2 1941-1948

PDF File: L/SMIN/12/3 1948-1956

PDF File: L/SMIN/12/4 1957-1962

PDF File: L/SMIN/12/5 1963-1969