Coote Family Papers

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Scope & Content


Elizabeth Coote’s Private Expenditure Books (1776-1785), Chidley Coote Personal Expenses (1797-1837), Farm Account Book (1832-1857), Anne Coote’s Personal Expenditure  (1803 – 1833), Household Expenditure Books (1820-1843), Posthumous Account Book relating to Chidley Coote’s estate (1843-1844)



Coote Family of Mount Coote, county Limerick, Household Accounts, Kilmallock, county Limerick


Coote Family

Biographical / Historical Note


The Coote family of Mount Coote were descended from Colonel Chidley Coote (c.1608-1668) whose second son came to Ireland in the 1650’s and settled near Kilmallock Co. Limerick. Charles Coote married Elizabeth (daughter of Philip) Oliver of Altamira in the early 1700’s. Charles succeeded to the estate after his father’s death in 1764, and his wife Elizabeth kept the first series of notebooks( P21/1- P21-4) which from the core of this collection.  According to Burke’s landed gentry their children were Chidley, Charles, (who became Vicar of Doon in 1813) and Elizabeth. The collection provides an insight into the domestic lifestyle of a county Limerick family during the late eighteenth century


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Related Materials: A postcard of Mount Coote House and a sale catalogue dated 19 February 1940 are held in Limerick City Museum


Collection Content

I. Elizabeth Coote’s Private Expenditure Books ( 1776-1785)


Elizabeth Coote’s private expenditure account books containing details of a wide range of mainly household expenditure listed under separate accounts including  ‘Apothecary Drugs, ‘Children’s Account’, ‘Coach Account’, ‘Beef Killed, ‘ Furniture Bought’, ‘ Groceries’ and ‘Horses Expenses’. Items are listed under columns by date, description and cost and each page is totalled and carried forward.  Three of the volumes are indexed and while the third volume P21/3 does not contain an index the accounts are arranged under similar headings to the other three volumes. Extent: 4 Volumes

P21/1. 1 May 1776-22 July 1779

P21/2. 30 July 1779-5 May 1781

P21/3 3 May 1781-27 April 1783

P21/4 3 May 1783-24 April 1785

II. Chidley Coote Personal Expenses (1797-1837)

Chidley Coote’s personal expenses account book with separate accounts for a range of personal and household expenditure including an ‘Account of Money given to Anne for Housekeeping, a ‘Letters Account’, ‘ Creditors Account’, ‘Account of money expended on Ourselves, an ‘Account of Wine’, an ‘Account of Grattan’s Expenses, a ‘Servants’ Account’, an ‘Account of Extras’, an ‘Account of Money paid on Account, a‘ Letter Expenses, an ‘Account of Coalman’, Personal Expenses, ‘Wages’, and an ‘Account of Receipts. Some volumes contain a summary account at the end.  Later volumes include separate accounts for older children. Extent: 8 Volumes

P21/5. 11 November 1797-27 January 1800

P21/6. 1 August 1800- 21 July 1804

P21/7. 1 August 1804-27 December 1806

P21/8. 1 January 1807-31 December 1811

P21/9. 31 December 1811-27 December 1817

P21/10. 1 January 1818-4 June 1825

P21/11. 6 August 1825-30 December 1828

P21/12. 5 January 1829-30 April 1837


III.  Farm Account Book (1832-1857)

Farm Account book listing all income and expenditure relating to the farm at Mount Coote including wages paid to paid local workmen and labourers, the purchase of animals, animal bedding and farm equipment.

P21/13. 1 May 1832-8 May 1837

IV Anne Coote’s Personal Expenditure  (1803 – 1833)

Anne Coote’s personal expenditure account books listing all items purchased under her annual allowance; mainly clothing, donations to charity, ‘chair hire’, books and newspapers. Details of her annual allowance are entered at the rear of the notebook under’ ‘own money’. From 1922 her daughter Alicia has her own account. Extent: 7 Volumes.

P21/14. 30 April 1803-30 December 1806

P21/15. 5 January 1811-31 December 1812

P21/16. 1 January 1813-31 December 1815

P21/17. 2 January 1816-27 December 1819

P21/18. 1 January 1820-23 August 1824

P21/19. 26 August 1822-31 December 1826

P21/20. 1 January 1831-31 December 1833

V. Household Expenditure Books (1820-1843)

Household expenditure books detailing all domestic expenditure under separate accounts including a bakers account, a milk and cream account, a butter account, a cheese account, a vegetable and fruit account, a beer and ale account, poultry and game account and a fish Account. Extent: 10 Volumes

P21/21. 10 January 1820-29 December 1820

P21/22. 9 September 1822-3 March 1823

P21/23. 1 January 1831-31 December 1832

P21/24. 7 January 1833-1 May 1834

P21/25. 18 November 1833-20 June 1834

P21/26. 16 December 1836-13 September 1837

P21/27. 4 May 1835-30 April 1838

P21/28. 15 August 1838-15 September 1838

P21/29. 7 May 1836-29 April 1839

P21/30. 1 May 1840-9 January 1843

VI. Posthumous Account Book relating to Chidley Coote’s estate (1843-1844)

Executors of Chidley Coote in account with Captain Robert and John Maunsell.

P21/31. 12 October 1843-6 January 1844