About Murroe

Murroe is a small, picturesque village in northeast County Limerick, approximately 18km from Limerick City and close to the County Tipperary border. 

Glenstal Abbey

Murroe, 'An Mhagh Rua', means 'Red Plain', named after the red sandstone commonly found in the area. 

The village was founded in the 1830s by the Barrington family, who lived in the now Glenstal Abbey monastery and boarding school from 1926. The village grew up largely in the 19th century around the needs of Glenstal Abbey. Many of the tradesmen and artisans who were involved in the construction of the abbey settled near the entrance of the estate, forming the nucleus of the present village.

Clare Glens
Clare Glens, Co. Limerick
Thatched Cottages, Murroe, Co Limerick
Thatched Cottages, Murroe, Co Limerick

Murroe has grown significantly over the past 100 years and particularly over the last 20 years. In 1911 there were only 116 people in the area. In 1956 there were 199. Since the year 2000 the population of the town has increased by an extraordinary 700%, from 464 in 2002 to over 3000 in 2016.

Map of Murroe