About Glin

Glin is located on the N69, a scenic driving route. It is a small picturesque village on the banks of the Shannon Estuary with the Glencorbry River running though it.

Glin aerial view

The village of Glin has a long and rich history and is probably best known as the seat of the Knights of Glin.

Originally Normans, the Knights of Glin are a branch of the Desmond Geraldines, who were also called the Fitzgeralds.

The original castle, which is still visible today on the banks of the Glencorbry, was the home of the Knights of Glin from about 1260 until 1642.

The present day Glin Castle was built between 1780 and 1790 by John Bateman and is open to visitors by appointment, set in a 500 acre wooded demesne this castle overlooks the Shannon Estuary.

Unlike most knighthoods, this title was conformed upon the Fitzgeralds in 1732 and can only be passed through inheritance to a son.

In 2011, the 29th Knight of Glin Desmond John Villiers Fitzgerald passed away and the title of Knight of Glin was not passed on.

Glin has a large market square, and is still home to fairs and markets throughout the year, with an annual Horse and Cattle Fair held in December.

The village has a number of industrial and manufacturing companies providing employment to locals. Within the village of Glin there are a variety of places to eat and drink, and also a range of accommodation options in the local area including award winning bed and breakfast accommodation.

There is a modern children’s playground located in the Village Park overlooking the Estuary which can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

There is an active community spirit in the village with a modern Day Care Centre for the elderly and homes for the elderly located close to the main street.

Elevated townlands in the parish offer scenic views of the Shannon Estuary and beyond; locally called the Scenic Route, the road that runs along the top of the hill affords views of Clare to the north, Kerry to the west, Tipperary to the east and Cork to the south.

Nearby attractions include Glin Castle, including its walled garden and woodlands, angling on the Shannon Estuary, the Flying Boat Museum in Foynes and Tarbert Bridewell Courthouse and Jail.