Georgian Neighbourhood Limerick - How the Council Can Help?

The Urban Innovation Department is an arm of Limerick City and County Council which is spearheading a number of innovative new projects within Limerick’s urban area. The Georgian Neighbourhood Limerick is the first such project.

Georgian Neighbourhood Limerick

What we can do for you

For anyone considering renovating/refurbishing a Georgian building, we have a number of measures in place to make this process easier.

We offer:

  • One-stop-shops, where we bring together Council officials (conservation officers, fire officers, area planners, architects etc.) to review your property and offer advice.
  • Matchmaking, where we match willing property owners with interested developers who can bring financial viability to their plans for upgrading buildings.
  • Grants and incentive schemes, including the Living Cities Initiative Scheme which provides various tax breaks on the costs of refurbishment.

For more information about Urban innovation Limerick who are spearheading a number of innovative new projects within the urban area, or book into one of our frequently run one-stop-shops or clinics, click here.

Georgian Retrofit Information