Foynes Tours Trails & Routes

The N69 drive, on the Shannon Estuary Way, winds its way through the riverside village of Foynes. You will encounter many highlights along the route including attractions and activities that offer plenty for all the family to explore.

Foynes tours trails and routes (pic Alan Place)

The Shannon Estuary Way winds its way through the stunning and changing landscapes of West Limerick and offers everything from medieval heritage to outdoor adventure along the way. 

Boland's Meadow in Foynes is one of the new viewing points on the looped scenic driving route where visitors can stop, enjoy the view, and engage with the stories of each local area. 

Foynes Woodland, located on the banks of the majestic River Shannon and just over 17 acres in size, is a unique site that offers the visitor a great opportunity to take some time out and soak up what nature has to offer.

Further west along the N69 is the small picturesque village of Glin which boasts a rich and varied culture dating back to early Celtic settlements. Home to Glin Castle, the Glin Heritage Trails offer a wide variety of spectacular coastal and woodland scenery.

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