About Bruff

Bruff is a town in east County Limerick, located on the old Limerick - Cork Road (R512), in the Ballyhoura region. The town lies on the Morning Star River, with two town bridges crossing the river.

Bruff (Munster Vales Images)

Bruff has a pretty streetscape with many traditional shop fronts. The town played its part in the Irish Civil War and there is a memorial to Sean Wall commemorating his role in the struggle for Irish Independence.

Bruff also has a strong tradition of sport and Bruff RFC is the home club of former Irish international rugby player John (The Bull) Hayes. 

Sean Wall Monument, Bruff
Thomas Fitzgerald Centre, Bruff

Bruff is home to the Thomas Fitzgerald Centre, dedicated to the memory of Thomas Fitzgerald, grandfather of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

The story connecting the rural town of Bruff in County Limerick and the 35th President of the United States of America began in 1852. Following the great famine, Thomas Fitzgerald, a young emigrant, left his native home in Bruff and made his way to America in search of a better life.

A life-size bronze statue of John F Kennedy was unveiled in the town May 2019. The bible that is part of the statue is the one his great-grandfather, Thomas Fitzgerald, brought with him when he emigrated from Bruff to Boston in 1852, and it was the same one that was used by JFK when he was inaugurated as US President in January 1961.

Lough Gur - Grange (Munster Vale Images)
Lough Gur Heritage Centre (Keith Wiseman Photography)

The countryside surrounding Bruff is very scenic with Lough Gur, one of Limerick’s major tourist attractions and assets, nearby. This area is a rich archaeological and historical site.

Lough Gur Heritage Centre interactive multimedia exhibition brings to life over 6,000 years of archaeology and history starting during the Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) Era and progressing until the 19th century (1800’s).

Munster Vales

Munster Vales

Munster Vales is a tourism destination of domestic and international significance spanning five mountain ranges including Ballyhoura. The Munster Vales proposition is to promote and develop the outstanding outdoor activity and heritage product within East Limerick, connecting the unique visitor experiences of this rural uplands with the counties of Tipperary, Waterford, Cork and Limerick.

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Map of Bruff