Limerick Roller Derby

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Limerick Roller Derby (LRD) started in 2011. In May 2016 we revealed our new logo which showed our move from being “Limerick Roller Girls” to “Limerick Roller Derby”. The club has been most successful since 2014 and has moved from being ranked #149 in Europe in July 2014 to being ranked #70 presently. 


    On our game day we can have 14 players with a maximum of 5 people from each team on track at one time. The game is one hour long and is further broken down into "Jams" which last a maximum of 2 minutes. Within the 5 players on track you have one jammer (point scorer) and 4 blockers (the points).

    The aim is for the jammer to pass the opposing teams 4 blockers and lap them as many times as she can in 2 mins, while remaining inbounds on the track. They can block her physically and can use full contact to prevent her from passing. 

    Due to the contact nature of this sport you must wear a helmet, mouthguard, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards while playing. The skates used are quad skates.

    We train for 6 hours a week across two training sessions one x 2 hours on Tuesday night, one x 4 hours on Sunday afternoon. We hold an additional beginners and intermediate session every Wednesday night for 2 hours also.

    Training Times:

    • Tuesday 7pm-9pm
    • Wednesday 7.30pm-9.30pm
    • Sunday 11am-3pm
    Limerick City

    Delta Sports Dome,
    Delta Retail Park,

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