Limerick Field Archery Club

  • Limerick Field Archery Club

Archery, Field Archery club, based in limerick, open to all , young and old, equipment supplied to ‘have a go’.

A friendly, easy going club, for those that would like to try Archery as a hobby. Field Archery is slightly different to the normal Archery you see, as you’re outside, going through a wooded area, shooting at 3D animal targets (so you get a bit of exercise as well!).

We always welcome people who’d like to ‘give it a go’, training & equipment provided.

Why not come along & give it a try?

Suitable for young & old (ages 7 to 100) as well as being disability friendly.



Boarmans Hill, Ashroe, Limerick.

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By appointment only due to covid-19