Adare Woollens

  • Adare Woollens 810 x 456

With Adare being regarded as one of Ireland’s most picturesque villages, steeped in historic and medieval surroundings, it is unthinkable to leave the village without something tangible to remember it by.

Adare Woollens can help you with something authentically Irish. We stock sweaters in the traditional Aran style as well as fashionable knitwear in classic lines.

Everything in our shop is made from natural products including wool and cotton. Not only do these natural products provide warm and durable garments, but many of our styles are machine washable as well.

There is also a wide range of beautiful jewellery with characteristic Celtic designs to choose from and, for knitting lovers, we also sell a variety of authentic Aran knitting wool guaranteed in your favourite colour.


The Heritage Centre
Co. Limerick

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