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Limerick Genealogy provides a professional genealogical research service, specialising in 19th century family history research in Limerick

We can search from as early as the 17th century and into the 20th century, subject to the availability of records.

We have decades of research expertise and millions of genealogical sources specific to Limerick City and County but also experience in conducting research throughout Ireland.

The main genealogical sources we employ are church records of the various denominations, civil records of births, deaths and marriages, property valuation records and surviving household census returns. Ancillary sources include gravestone inscriptions, cemetery records, biographical notices, trade directories, prison registers, crime reports and wills.

With this broad collection of genealogical sources compiled over a thirty year period and a Limerick-based knowledge and expertise, we provide a unique service which aims to expand your family history knowledge.

We offer an online database of over one million genealogical records specific to Limerick, one to one consultations (in person or online) and various commissioned research options including a detailed family history report.

Limerick City

Lissanalta House, Dooradoyle Road, Dooradoyle, Co. Limerick

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10am to 1pm by appointment.

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