Bishop's Palace: Carrol Collection

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Visit Limerick Civic Trust offices to see The Carrol Collection.

An exhibition of paintings, swords, photographs, trophies, maps and military decorations of the Carrol Family offering fascinating insights into the political and social history between the 1700s and 1920s.

The exhibition brings together the military memorabilia and family heirlooms collected by five generations of the Carrol Family starting with Major General Sir William Parker Carrol (born in Limerick in 1776).

It includes memorabilia from the Peninsular campaign, the Boer War and both World Wars and many unique family pieces.

The collection is housed at the Bishop's Palace. 

The Limerick Civic Trust took over the Bishop's Palace in 1986 as a complete ruin to stop it from being knocked down and transformed it into the building it is today.

There has been a building on the site of the palace as far back as the 1500's with the current building dating back to around 1740.

The Bishops' Palace is steeped in folklore and history and is one of the oldest domestic buildings still in use in Limerick. Open to the public daily, the Carroll Collection is one of many ‘Walks Through History’ to experience at Limerick Civic Trust HQ.

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