Pa McGrath's

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This pub is in the style of a traditional old thatched Irish cottage & includes a modern new lounge.

The history of this style of thatched cottage goes back to at least 1600.

Rectangular in plan, it is never more than one room deep. In its most common form it has three compartments with the kitchen, the most important room placed centrally between two bedrooms and a parlour.

Food was prepared on the hearth over a fire which was usually at floor level, and which was never allowed to go out, being rekindled each morning from a glowing ember. In the evening when work was done neighbours would gather in the kitchen to entertain each other with music, dancing and story telling.

This practice continues on today at Pa McGrath’s family run pub serving fine food and drink and famous for its long running trad session.


Boher, Limerick

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Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday: 12pm - 11.30pm

Friday & Saturday: 12pm - 1.30am

Sunday: 12.30pm - 11.30pm

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