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This course is designed to get you playing immediately and keep you playing eternally!

Beginners Course

By the end of this five week course you will know several songs, all the rules in terms of playing properly and you will have CDs/photocopies of everything covered, so there is no danger of forgetting anything. The course is user friendly with no messing around with pointless theory. Rather it is designed to get you playing immediately and keep you playing eternally!

This course will teach you how to play several songs, riffs, scales and pieces of music and in doing so, you will learn how to:

1. Tune your guitar

2. Read music, (chord diagrams and guitar tablature), and form chords properly

3. Keep proper rhythm

4. Maintain good left and right hand technique to minimise effort when playing

5. Access all the songs and musical theory you will ever need in the future


Limerick Guitar School - Intermediate Course

This course focuses specifically on the player’s needs and looks at what kind of material they would like to learn and where they would like to go with the guitar. This involves an assessment and execution of what they need to learn to get there. Most people get into a rut with the guitar after a while and all they need is to be introduced to some new ideas and concepts, be given some direction, and have a few doors opened for them, to spark their interest and get them back into real playing and noticeable improvement. It is difficult to do on your own, so this course is designed to make it easy for you.

It involves developing your theoretical knowledge and playing skills, by learning songs and pieces of music that introduce new knowledge and techniques. The material covered could be anything from Nirvana, Metallica, Redhot Chillis, Oasis, to Pink Floyd, Rory Gallagher, John Martyn, Johnny Cash or Christy Moore – it really depends on the individual, but people do learn material that interests them and that’s the point.


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