Surubim Capoeira Limerick

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Capoeira is a very rich art with many elements, dance, martial art, acrobatics and music. 

Most practitioners will find some part easier to achieve than others.

Some people want different things from their sessions.

Some students are highly motivated while other just want to have a bit of fun.

We offer all options.

Capoeira combines various elements which are all taught during the classes.

Join our classes any time at any of our locations. Just 7 Euro per class!

CBS Primary School, Sexton street (Tue, Wed, Fri 6-7pm for kids & 7-8pm for adults)
Mary Immaculate College (Mon 6-7pm) during term only
University of Limerick (Thu 5.30-6.30pm) during term only.

Limerick City

CBS Primary School, Sexton Street, Limerick

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