St. Joseph’s Castleconnell 26th Scout Group

  • Castleconnell campsite 26th Scout Group Limerick

St. Joseph’s Castleconnell 26th Scout Group is located at Lacka, Castleconnell and caters for Beavers 6-9 years, Cubs 9-12 years and Scouts 12-15 years. The Group own their own campsite of 22 acres which is the ideal setting for any Scout Group.

The aim of scouting is to encourage the physical, intellectual, emotional, social character and spiritual development of young people.

In Scouting young people learn by doing. They do everything in the form of activities and events such as weekly meetings, regular hikes, sail training, monthly overnights and ceremonies. It always involves challenges.

For Adults in Scouting there is a clear opportunity to work with the young people in their community from all ages ranges from 6 to 26. This opportunity will not only allows you to help develop the future of these young people and their future contribution to your area but will also be a lot of fun.


Castleconnell Campsite,
Co. Limerick.