River Drainage Operation

Waterways / Quay Walls / River Banks - Improvement works have been carried out to minimise the risk of flooding in a number of areas.

Sewer rehabilitation works in Clare Street have decreased the risk of flooding in this area. Further works are planned. The installation of new sewers in the Harry’s Mall area and the provision of storm overflow pumping has decreased the risk of flooding to properties in the area.

A breach in the river embankment at Corbally, which had given rise to flooding of adjacent lands, was recently repaired. Works along river banks and quay walls will be necessary to reduce the risk of flooding at various locations throughout the City.

Proposals are being developed in this regard. Improvements to quay walls have been carried out along the Abbey River. The Abbey River Navigation Scheme has allowed for the development of a new marina with associated weir, locke gates at the Abbey and Shannon Rivers. This has greatly improved the amenity of the river.
Limerick City Council will continue to work closely with Waterways Ireland and the Shannon Development in the enhancement and improvement of the navigability of the river and its attractiveness to visitors and residents.

Proposals have been drawn up for quay side developments along the Abbey River and Shannon River adjoining the new marina and extending to Shannon Bridge.

Improvement works to the Canal will be carried out as part of the Loggers Scheme contract (Limerick Main Drainage) between Locke Quay and Park Bridge. Improvement works between Park Bridge and Shannon River are being considered.

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